Mormon Facebook Survey

Hey, my LDS friends. We are helping a graduate team at Carnegie Mellon University in researching how Mormons use Facebook and other Internet communities. If you have a Facebook account we invite you to take their quick and easy survey.  Also, it would be immensely helpful if you could pass the survey onto your LDS friends.


The Real Meaning of Words

A while ago, my wife emailed me some of the images below. It sat in my inbox because I wanted to add it to LDSFriends, but haven’t had much time. Finally, I sat down today and started working on this post. I added the frames and wording to each image, but then I couldn’t stop. I went out and found additional pictures. In the end, I really spent way to much time creating this post, but I think you will find my efforts worth while. Special thanks to my beautiful wife and daughters for  teaching me many of these words, but I thank my tender Heavenly Father for not teaching me all of these words just yet!