Missionary Picture Goes Mildly Viral on Twitter

I received a message from Elder Ward, one of the missionaries in my Ward yesterday morning asking me to checkout Twitter. Apparently, he had received a message from a friend in California (we live in Charlotte, North Carolina) about seeing a picture on Twitter that reminder her of him.

The picture showed two missionaries playing a pickup game of street ball. When he looked at the picture he was surprised to see that it was actually a picture of a game he and his companion, Elder Spencer, played the day before. Someone observing them took a picture and posted to a Twitter account of almost a million followers (last I checked they had a combined total of 7,000 retweets and likes).

The game was of eternal consequences because if the missionaries won (which they did) the other team had to attend Church that Sunday. Now we just need to work on our branding so that people don’t confuse us with the Jehovah Witnesses 🙂



In order for the Elders to send the picture home they asked me to edit out the questionable language. I posted this censored version to Facebook and it was picked up by Mormon Memes, which received some comments about my edits. Personally, I like my version a lot better :).


Literally Putting on the Full Armor of God

Elder Hales showed an image of a young boy taking to heart his last conference talk concerning putting on the armor of God. We just couldn’t help creating a few fun, but hopefully tasteful, Internet memes. We welcome you to share your own captions in the comments. We have also provided a blank (no text) image for you to play with while you listen to conference.

Hope you have a great Conference weekend!






That Awkward Moment (LDS)

That Awkward LDS Moment Ü

The Book of Mormon—Dr. Seuss Style

Dr. Suess - Book of MormonI wish I could take credit for writing this, but the original creator is unknown. So, to not have this masterpiece lost in obscurity I offer it here for your enjoyment Ü.

Of goodly parents I was born
I’ve never drunk, I’ve never sworn
This is Lehi, he’s my dad
Laman, Lemuel, they are bad
And who is this? Why this is Sam.

Yes, this is Sam; Sam I am

That Sam I am, that Sam I am
I do not like that Sam I am

In a tent, my father dwelt

And it’s so hot, I think I’ll melt

Our father’s brain is out of whack

Yeah, it’s too hot, I’m going back

Then go and get the plates, my dear

On second thought, I’m staying here

You said you’d leave and go away
Now all you want to do is stay?

That Nephi always gets his way

Here we are in this damp cave

We would not be here if you’d behave

I will go and I will do
There’s the angel, that’s my cue
Laban’s had too much to drink
Now he’ll lose his head, I think

Look what I found, a brother from the quorum

We will take him home, we will call him Zoram

Our gold and silver we have spent
I do not like it in this tent

I cannot read the Liahona
I must have drunk too much Corona

We hate it here, we have no lives

Then go back to the city and get some wives

A tree, a tree, I see a tree!
The fruit is white, the fruit is free!
A floating building, could it be?
Why do they laugh and stare at me?
Laman, Lemuel, come and see!

We will not eat your precious fruit

We will not wear a tie and suit

We will not help you build your boat

We do not think that it will float

No not this boat, it will not float
Not even in a shallow moat
I do not care what Nephi wrote

We will not eat your fruit I say

We will not eat it on a tray

And we won’t eat it in a tent
Not even if your clothes you rent

We’d rather have a can of spam

We will not eat it, Sam I am

You do not like it, so you say
Try it, try it, and you may
Try it and you may I say

Sam, if you will let us be,
We will try it, you will see

Say, we like this fruit of life
Sorry that we caused such strife
You’ve saved us from an awful jam
Thank you, thank you, Sam I am!

How Some Feel About the Sister Missionary Age Change

This is a little old, but I just saw it and thought it was still funny!

Mormon Missionary Age Change with Hitler’s Reaction

I’m Not Mormon. . .