The Importance of Temple Attendance

Just a Friendly Reminder to Visit the Temple this Month Ü

Hilarious BYU Library Video

“Hello Ladies…” A friend sent this recent viral video for the BYU Howard B Lee Library over and I was amazed at how good it was. The video was based on the current Old Spice commercials, “Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” Amazingly, the BYU spoof video garnered over 1.2 million views in four days. If you haven’t seen it, you are in for a treat!

YouTube Preview Image

General Petraeus: Top 10 Reasons BYU Graduates Make Great Soldiers

Recently, General David Petraeus, the commanding general of the U.S. Central Command and not a member of the Church, began his remarks at BYU by reading the below list. His light-hearted top 10 list was welcomed with laughter and applauses from the BYU students. The list proves just how good the general is at recon with an unfamiliar religious group =).

General Petraeus laughing with BYU President Cecil O. Samuelson. Image Credit: Jason Olson

General Petraeus’ Top 10 reasons BYU grads make good soldiers:

10 — They have already been on many a mission.

9 — Army chow is no problem for folks accustomed to eating green Jell-o and shredded carrots.

8 — It’s not a problem if they don’t know what rank someone is, they just refer to them as Brother or Sister so-and-so.

7 — They never go AWOL. They just call it being less active.

6 — They will seize any objective swiftly if you tell them refreshments will be served.

5 — They know how to make things happen. In fact if you ever need a base built quickly in a barren wasteland, stride out to where you want them to start, plant your walking stick down and say in a loud voice, “This is the place.”

4 — They have innovative ideas for handling insurgents — like assigning them home teachers.

3 — They always have a years’ supply of provisions on hand.

2 — They are the world’s most reliable designated drivers.

1 — They understand how far Iraq has come over the last seven years, and they think that Iraq’s old spot in the “Axis of Evil” can now be filled by the University of Utah.

Source: Deseret News

Funny Mormon Christmas Song!

So, I know Christmas is waaay over but this video was too good not to share. Conan O’Brien did a parady song on us and it really is funny.

I read some of the comments on NBC’s site and a few people felt it was attacking our beliefs. I think often we Mormons are overly sensative when anybody gives us attention—good, bad, or funny. Believe me, if I felt the video was bashing I wouldn’t post it. We, as a people, need to understand we truly are peculiar, and that if we don’t laugh at our uniqueness somebody else will. Anyway, I hope you found this as enjoyable as I did.

If you are having trouble viewing the video go here.

If Edward Were Mormon!

Today a friend sent me the below video. It is a LDS dating spoof off of the movie Twilight. It is particularly funny to me since my wife and I are 11 years apart. I was 30 and she was in 19 when we got married. In my defense I had no idea she was that young until our second date. Yet, now two years later with an eight month little girl I realize the Lord has a path for each of us, and sometimes it isn’t exactly what we planned—but it is always better!