Who is Your Hero?

My friend Rory cued me in on an amazing poster artist who is doing Book of Mormon posters and Bible posters. I grabbed a few screen shots and put them below to show you some of my favorites. Frankly, I think this is some of the best commercial work I have seen come out of the LDS community in a long time.

I personally like how the artist has captured a popular style of art among teenagers and put a fantastic gospel spin on it. Normally, you see this type of art associated with video games and roll playing games. It’s nice to see such a unique and intriguing style used for gospel purposes.

I also like his strong depictions of women in the scriptures. I don’t think I have seen a painting or image done on the women in Lehi’s camp. Well done! ~Paul W.






Where to Listen to Free LDS Music

old-fashion-radio-microphoneNot living in Utah makes one really appreciate finding cool LDS websites. My friend (also not living in Utah) sent me a link to an LDS Radio website.  I recognized right away this site was using the live365.com player, which helped me find two other LDS music stations. For all of us who don’t get the pleasure of hearing good LDS music on the radio I hope these sites help. ~Paul Wilson

Editor’s Note: This is not a paid endorsement. Just thought you would like it.