Kirtland Temple

“The dedication of the Kirtland Temple [occurred] on March 27, 1836. One of those present was 28-year-old William Draper, who described the day as a ‘day of Pentecost.’ He wrote:

‘There was such a time of the outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord, that my pen is inadequate to write it in full or my tongue to express it. But I will here say that the Spirit was poured out and came like a mighty rushing wind and filled the house, that many that were present spoke in tongues and had visions and saw angels and prophesied, and had a general time of rejoicing such as had not been known in this generation’ (William Draper, “A Biographical Sketch of the Life and Travels and Birth and Parentage of William Draper” [1881], typescript, Church History Library, 2; spelling and capitalization standardized).

“These spiritual manifestations were not limited only to those inside the temple, for ‘the people of the neighborhood came running together (hearing an unusual sound within, and seeing a bright light like a pillar of fire resting upon the Temple), and were astonished at what was taking place’ (History of the Church, 2:428).”Lorenzo Snow (1814–1901), later to be President of the Church, was living in Kirtland during this blessed period. He observed, ‘One would have imagined that after receiving these wonderful manifestations no temptation could have overthrown the Saints’ (Lorenzo Snow, “Discourse,” Deseret Weekly News, June 8, 1889, 26).

“But, of course, great spiritual experiences do not make us exempt from opposition and trials.”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Hold on a Little Longer,” Ensign, Jan. 2010, 6

Architectural drawing of the Kirtland Temple Courtesy of U. S. Department of the Interior

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